How To Book And Enjoy A Cheap Cruise

Cheap Cruise Deals in Australia

A boat cruise is full of fun and filled with endless memories. But, it can really be expensive- the drinks are high-priced and other activities. In some boat cruises, you will spend up to $800 per week. That is too expensive for just one week of cruise.

In this short article, I am going to open your eyes on some realities probably you never knew before now. I have discovered that there many ways to cruise for as little as $25 per day. It will only take you a bit of sneakiness, a lot of discipline and a bit of skill.

Booking a cheap boat cruise requires flexibility. The last time I checked, this seems to be the only thing you need. Cruising pricing has some resemblance with tour pricing. The more you get closer to your final spot, the lower the prices become.

The reason is simple; boat ships don’t want to depart with half-empty boats, so they try as much as possible to drop their price, so as to accommodate those with less pricing. They see empty cabins as less money.

So, they will prefer to give some discounts than moving with an empty cabin. If you want to get cheap cruises, you can try negotiating with the receptionist or those at the ticketing office.

Also, most cruises make lots of cash from what people buy on board, so that is one of the reasons they won’t like to have an empty cabin. In this case, booking early isn’t the best option. Last minute booking seems to be the best. When you are travelling with kids, you may enjoy some discounts.

Booking through a travel agent is another way of getting better boat cruise deals, because they have wonderful relationships with cruise companies- most of them may even assist you with last minute cruises deals.

Onboard A Cruise ShipFew things to Remember:

Smaller is cheaper

If you are travelling with a smaller boat, you will not spend much money, because they are less expensive than bigger boats. They provide fewer attractions and amenities.

Cruise in the off season

You will surely travel at cheaper rates if you are travelling at off seasons. For example if you are travelling during the hurricane season like September.

Take a repositioning cruise

This occurs when cruise lines move a boat or ship from one corner of the world to another in anticipation of a oncoming season. These ‘cruises’ are in fact a wonderful way of sailing down a continent’s coast or crossing an ocean. You can get more information on this when you check any cruise booking website.

Skip the soda

Few years ago, soda is usually provided to guests at little or no cost. Today, things have changed. A tiny glass of soda costs about $3. Getting a soda card at $45-60 USD might be a better option- with the card, you will have an unlimited soda all through the cruise.

If you don’t have the money for the soda or soda card, you can still stick to the free ice teas, water, and juices that are offered at the ship.

Say no to photos

If you really want to take some cool pictures of your family. Then it would be better and safer to take a digital camera or less with you, so that someone can be snapping you on the ship.…